Reduce Peak 4HRA and Software MLC Costs

ThruPut Manager manages workload demand to reduce capacity utilization, based on the 4HRA, when sub-capacity pricing is used with or without capping. More »

Automate z/OS Batch

ThruPut Manager balances workload arrival, importance, and resource availability. More »

Make the most of scarce resources

Because money doesn’t grow on trees, let us lower your MSU consumption and MLC costs. More »

Make Way for Mobile

As mobile applications take up more CPU at unpredictable times, let ThruPut Manager take low importance batch out of the equation and make room for your high priority workload. More »

Country Multiplex Pricing is here

Use ThruPut Manager automation to lower your MSU baseline today and find software license savings, with or without capping, when you move to CMP. More »

Automate production control

Manage z/OS execution according to your CA 7 schedule and due-out times, ensuring automated on-time completion with minimal intervention that frees you for other valuable tasks. More »

Our Customers

ThruPut Manager installations range from individual corporate datacenters to global outsourcing providers in the major industry sectors, including banking, insurance, and government. More »


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Inside Tech Talk from Compuware is our new home!

Inside Tech Talk

The ThruPut Manager team is pleased to announce that our blogging efforts are continuing, but in a new home. Posts related to batch automation and ThruPut Manager will now appear on the industry leading Compuware Inside Tech Talk blog.

The Compuware era – A letter to MVS Solutions customers

Compuware acquisition

Dear valued MVS Solutions customers, We are excited to announce Compuware’s acquisition of MVS Solutions and their leading batch management solution, ThruPut Manager. Compuware is committed to being the best mainframe software partner for the next 50 years. We believe we have found the perfect home for ThruPut Manager and MVS Solutions’ customers.

Introducing LPAR sets: Save your most expensive MSUs – soft capping optional (webinar)


Many datacenters are enjoying the software savings provided by ThruPut Manager’s Automated Capacity Management (ACM) component, a safe and selective method to reduce MSU consumption and resulting MLC costs. Now, ACM introduces a significant enhancement – LPAR Sets.Monthly License Charges are implemented on a CPC basis, but each LPAR may contribute to the total in different ways with different software stacks, varying business requirements, or various MSU costs for each LPAR. We are now introducing LPAR Sets to give you more granular control over your batch workload.

Denise Kalm joins the conversation

As we officially launch the ThruPut Manager blog, we are pleased to announce a partnership with IT consultant, Denise P. Kalm, who will be guest blogging on Denise brings many years of experience, first as a mainframe macro ALC CICS programmer, next doing Tandem performance, then moving onto mainframe and UNIX performance. Denise also worked in technical sales, product marketing and product management for companies such as BMC Software, CA Technologies and Cybermation.