Reduce Peak 4HRA and Software MLC Costs

ThruPut Manager manages workload demand to reduce capacity utilization, based on the 4HRA, when sub-capacity pricing is used with or without capping. More »

Automate z/OS Batch

ThruPut Manager balances workload arrival, importance, and resource availability. More »

Make the most of scarce resources

Because money doesn’t grow on trees, let us lower your MSU consumption and MLC costs. More »

Make Way for Mobile

As mobile applications take up more CPU at unpredictable times, let ThruPut Manager take low importance batch out of the equation and make room for your high priority workload. More »

Country Multiplex Pricing is here

Use ThruPut Manager automation to lower your MSU baseline today and find software license savings, with or without capping, when you move to CMP. More »

Automate production control

Manage z/OS execution according to your CA 7 schedule and due-out times, ensuring automated on-time completion with minimal intervention that frees you for other valuable tasks. More »

Our Customers

ThruPut Manager installations range from individual corporate datacenters to global outsourcing providers in the major industry sectors, including banking, insurance, and government. More »


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Designed for scalability, how does PCS keep up?

system scalability

Key to the scalability of ThruPut Manager Production Control Services (PCS) is the use of proprietary, high-performance algorithms. Though often not mentioned, the use of the right algorithms can make all the difference when volumes increase. Another important capability is automated recovery. When recovery isn’t possible, PCS ensures that operations are notified to select an action. Any product that interacts with z/OS needs to keep up with IBM releases or scalability will be in doubt.

Can your solutions scale with demand?

production control

There are key improvements that ThruPut Manager users will see in the batch workloads managed by CA 7. This is a result of an add-on component for ThruPut Manager called Production Control Services (PCS). We’ve designed PCS to ensure scalability as your batch workloads increase, and they will certainly increase.

Make CA 7 work smarter

A guest post by Denise P. Kalm – Everyone has some form of job scheduling solution, now upgraded to be termed ‘workload automation.’ But is your solution really as automated as you need it to be? Since batch often still runs in the wee hours, most of us would prefer not to be called with problems. That means that you need a solution that is responsive, smart and adaptive. It needs to handle most issues that arise when jobs are running behind, resources are constrained, etc.

But how many people actually have that kind of job scheduling? When I first moved from mainframes to UNIX, I was introduced to a system so primitive that I wondered how anything got done. It made me really appreciate what I had. The problem is that rarely do we stop and ask if what we have could be even better. Let’s conjure up a genie and make some wishes. What should our solution really do, beyond the normal submission of jobs in an organized fashion?