Reduce Peak 4HRA and Software MLC Costs

ThruPut Manager manages workload demand to reduce capacity utilization, based on the 4HRA, when sub-capacity pricing is used with or without capping. More »

Automate z/OS Batch

ThruPut Manager balances workload arrival, importance, and resource availability. More »

Make the most of scarce resources

Because money doesn’t grow on trees, let us lower your MSU consumption and MLC costs. More »

Make Way for Mobile

As mobile applications take up more CPU at unpredictable times, let ThruPut Manager take low importance batch out of the equation and make room for your high priority workload. More »

Country Multiplex Pricing is here

Use ThruPut Manager automation to lower your MSU baseline today and find software license savings, with or without capping, when you move to CMP. More »

Automate production control

Manage z/OS execution according to your CA 7 schedule and due-out times, ensuring automated on-time completion with minimal intervention that frees you for other valuable tasks. More »

Our Customers

ThruPut Manager installations range from individual corporate datacenters to global outsourcing providers in the major industry sectors, including banking, insurance, and government. More »


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Modern approach to batch service pays off at CoreLogic

In our last blog post, we discussed the challenges CoreLogic was facing due to unexpected batch processing peaks in its datacenter. To resolve those challenges, CoreLogic decided to evaluate ThruPut Manager in its Dallas datacenter. To start, the company formed a project team to identify which workloads were most urgent and set up ThruPut Manager

Does this sound familiar?

Running a busy datacenter is no easy task. As most datacenter operators know, challenges abound, ranging from maintaining uptime, improving utilization of capacity and reducing operating expenses to increasing staff productivity.

For CoreLogic, the need to resolve these challenges was becoming imperative. The company is a leading provider of consumer, financial and property information, analytics and services to business and government. While it specializes in U.S. real estate and mortgage data, it works in a range of other sectors as well. In fact, more than one million users rely on its data and predictive decision analytics to reduce risk, enhance transparency and improve performance.