Establish a new baseline

Establish-a-new-baselineIBM has introduced a new sub-capacity pricing model called Country Multiplex Pricing (CMP) that will aggregate all z Systems within a country under one monthly license charge (MLC). IBM describes how CMP sub-capacity usage will be measured and reported as a single machine, regardless of the connectivity or data sharing configurations, and should allow flexibility to move and run work anywhere, eradicating multiple workload peaks when workloads move between machines.

As we discuss in this blog post, the initial MSU Base will be computed based on a three-month average of the Multiplex peak for each product, not the SCRT peak. So, if you want to move to CMP, your goal is to reduce that number as much as possible, well before you move.

You’ll only move to CMP once. Is your baseline as low as it can be? Don’t pay more than you have to.

How does it work?
ThruPut Manager is the only batch automation software that can automatically reduce consumption, with or without capping. ThruPut Manager will reduce consumption by automatically constraining or deferring selected batch workload, while simultaneously allowing important workloads to run better. Basically, the work is spread around—during times of high CPU usage, ThruPut Manager keeps the R4HA in check by prioritizing the high importance workloads and deferring the low importance workloads to periods of less CPU utilization.

Uncover your potential savings
Want to find out how much your company could save with ThruPut Manager? Our customized MSU Analyzer uses your own SMF data, allowing you to see the number of MSUs that ThruPut Manager can reclaim and turn into additional MLC savings. See how this free tool has helped other companies – Click Here—and then contact us to access it yourself.

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There are a number of ways to learn more about how ThruPut Manager works to lower your software license fees and improve your company’s batch performance:

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