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Running a busy datacenter is no easy task. As most datacenter operators know, challenges abound, ranging from maintaining uptime, improving utilization of capacity and reducing operating expenses to increasing staff productivity.

For CoreLogic, the need to resolve these challenges was becoming imperative. The company is a leading provider of consumer, financial and property information, analytics and services to business and government. While it specializes in U.S. real estate and mortgage data, it works in a range of other sectors as well. In fact, more than one million users rely on its data and predictive decision analytics to reduce risk, enhance transparency and improve performance.

Given this focus, CoreLogic’s datacenter must be able to support in-depth and ongoing industry analysis, in addition to processing the company’s usual business applications. Unfortunately, the datacenter was having difficulty addressing these needs. Due to unexpected batch processing peaks, the service on critical applications was degrading. Aside from the productivity issues this caused, it was resulting in a considerable number of support calls each day.

“During our heavy processing periods, we were on the phone with the operations team several times a day to ensure our production windows were achieved,” recalls a manager in CoreLogic’s Tax Service business unit.

In our next blog post, we’ll discuss how CoreLogic used ThruPut Manager to resolve these issues. If you’re facing similar challenges and want to discuss a solution, get in touch.

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