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The ThruPut Manager team is pleased to announce that our blogging efforts are continuing, but in a new home. Posts related to batch automation and ThruPut Manager will now appear on the industry leading Compuware Inside Tech Talk blog.

Inside Tech Talk is a blend of opinions and thought leadership from Compuware’s mainframe experts and others from around the globe.

ThruPut manager is a new member of the Compuware family of mainframe products. ThruPut Manager provides innovative and leading batch automation for the mainframe. It’s a perfect fit for the company that pledges to be the mainframe software partner for the next 50 years.

Our first brand new ThruPut Manager post is What’s in It for You to Make Managing Your Mainframe Easier?

For many sysprogs who have spent their careers mastering the complexity of mainframes, our first reaction to hearing about a solution that makes the job easier for newcomers might be to ask, “Why should my job be made easier? With so much going on under the hood, a good sysprog should take the 20 years necessary to learn it all. That’s what I did.”

Just like hazing in fraternities, or other rites of passage, we can find ourselves believing that if it was good enough for us, it’s good enough for the millennial mainframer. Our expertise was hard-won and we deserve our recognition as mainframe SMEs. We’ve all seen people working on smaller, cheaper platforms who only have a thin veneer of knowledge about the hardware and operating system they’re using. It just doesn’t work as well as truly knowing. …

What’s in It for You to Make Managing Your Mainframe Easier?




Over the next while, we’ll be moving selected ThruPut Manager posts to Inside Tech Talk and redirecting visitors coming here to that site as well. So bookmark it now for great Batch Automation discussion and many other DevOps topics related to Agile leadership of the mainframe revolution.

As always, we look forward to your visits to Inside Tech Talk, as we have enjoyed having you on this site. Check out our new digs and keep the conversation going!

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