Make the most of scarce resources

Lock-in-MSU-savingsWhether you are renewing an existing ELA or switching to CMP, find out how much more you can save on MLC costs with ThruPut Manager by using our free MSU Analyzer.

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees. To the contrary, we are forced to operate with scarce and even shrinking financial resources. Reducing costs is a necessity when it comes to meeting tight budgets.

What if there was a way to reduce your company’s IBM software license fees—resulting in thousands of dollars or more in monthly savings—while improving batch performance? Well, there is: it’s called ThruPut Manager.

How does it work?
ThruPut Manager starts by monitoring your company’s rolling 4-hour average (R4HA) of CPU usage—the key factor in determining software license fees under the sub-capacity pricing model. The installation can then be configured to take action at specified capacity levels.

By setting the maximum value for each capacity level, ThruPut Manager will reduce how much CPU is allocated to lower importance workloads, while simultaneously allowing important workloads to run better. Basically, the work is spread around—during times of high CPU usage, ThruPut Manager keeps the R4HA in check by prioritizing the high importance workloads and deferring the low importance workloads to periods of less CPU utilization.

Uncover your potential savings
Want to find out how much your company could save with ThruPut Manager? Our customized MSU Analyzer uses your own SMF data, allowing you to see the number of MSUs that ThruPut Manager can reclaim and turn into additional MLC savings. See how this free analysis has helped other companies – Click Here—and then contact us to access it yourself.

Want to learn more?

There are a number of ways to learn more about how ThruPut Manager works to lower your software license fees and improve your company’s batch performance:

ThruPut Manager blog
From automated workload balancing to the details of IBM’s sub-capacity pricing model—our blog explains it all. If you’re particularly interested in how ThruPut Manager works to lower your R4HA, start with this article.

ThruPut Mananger on YouTube
Visit us on YouTube and find out how companies like Verizon are reducing their R4HA with ThruPut Manager.

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