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Make-way-for-mobileAccommodate mobile’s growing demand with ThruPut Manager

In today’s mobile environment, customers don’t want to be kept waiting. They want access to mobile applications when they need them—with immediate response times and zero delays.

This poses a challenge for today’s enterprises that want to offer their customers a stellar mobile experience while simultaneously running a lean business. Mobile applications present high priority demand on already-scarce CPU resources. Often, systems are already running at 100%, leaving no additional capacity to run high priority applications faster.

But before you invest in an expensive hardware upgrade to accommodate mobile’s growing demand on your system, consider another option.

ThruPut Manager’s automated service level management (SLM), and its capacity management functionality, in particular, is another way to reduce delays and ensure reliable user response times. By anticipating your workload peaks, ThruPut Manager can defer MSUs from batch workload and make them available to your mobile applications when needed, all without changing your R4HA. The result? Improved productivity without a costly hardware upgrade—or larger software bill.

If you’re interested in learning how ThruPut Manager can make your mobile offerings more efficient and affordable, drop us a line.

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