Our Customers

Our CustomersThruPut Manager installations range from individual corporate datacenters to global outsourcing providers in the major industry sectors, including banking, insurance, government, education, healthcare, telecom, manufacturing and retail, as the sample above illustrates.

What have these customers been saying over the years?

…on z/OS Software License Savings

  • “ThruPut Manager paid for itself in the first year in software license savings alone.”
  • “We saved $1,700,000 in the first year with software maintenance cost reduction.”
  • “ThruPut Manager paid for itself in the first 3 months with software license savings.
  • “We recently lowered the CPU capacity in one of our busiest LPARs by 10%, thus reducing the MSU footprint and cost. By utilizing ThruPut Manager, we were still able to deliver our batch SLA. In fact, the results have surpassed our expectations. MVS Solutions provided excellent customer service and guidance during the implementation.”

…on z/OS System Resource Constraints

  • “Initiators are much better utilized; on two systems a 25% reduction was seen, which means getting more work done faster.”
  • “Helps improve performance of batch processing.”
  • “More than a 50% reduction of jobs waiting in the queue.”
  • “ThruPut Manager virtually eliminates initiator juggling.”
  • “Good balance between not having the system over-initiated and not having a backlog of jobs awaiting execution.”
  • “Everything runs in the same job class. This saves us time by eliminating the need to manage the JES2 initiator structure.”
  • “We run more batch with less resources. We are very pleased.”

…on z/OS Batch Automation

  • “Much less user JCL maintenance.”
  • “Very significant dollars saved in software licensing costs as well as effective workload balancing.”
  • “This makes unattended operations possible.”
  • “We like the idea that ThruPut Manager will modify service classes as a job is running, making this hands off for the operators.”
  • “My users have never had so much feedback on service performance. It accounts for every reason their job may have been delayed, and they really appreciate the insight.”

In the video below, Chris Prenatt, Senior Systems Engineer at Verizon, describes his experience with ThruPut Manager automated capacity management. Visit our YouTube channel for more interviews and information about ThruPut Manager automation.

Success Stories

Even as ThruPut Manager has developed from its original base product, through Standard Edition, and into a fully automated solution incorporating capacity management and production control services, we’ve received success stories at each stage of product development and release.

Below are four stories spanning different product eras.


Modern Approach to Batch Service Pays Off at CoreLogic

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Complete Satisfaction: ThruPut Manager Makes a Batch of Wishes Come True

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Energy Company Generates Bright Idea: ThruPut Manager Saves Company $200,000

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Telus Acquires a JES3 Client: ThruPut Manager Makes Conversion Transparent

TM/JES3 Compatibility Services makes it possible for JES3 job streams to run successfully under JES2, and avoid a costly conversion… Read on ->