Production Control Services Overview

The Production Control Services (PCS) feature of ThruPut Manager extends the scheduling goals of CA Workload Automation CA 7® Edition (CA WA CA 7) to the z/OS JES2 execution arena. Unlike standard z/OS, it takes into account the dependencies specified in the CA WA CA 7 scheduling database, the critical paths that may change over a production run and the importance of each application compared to any other work running.

With PCS, z/OS production execution is managed according to the CA WA CA 7 schedule and due-out times. Your schedule completes on time and your Production Control staff are freed for more useful tasks.

Highlights include:

  • Your schedule completes on time.
    • The critical path is dynamically managed and the most important jobs are favored based on application due-out time.
    • Jobs complete sooner as execution delays are minimized and interference from lower priority or non-production work is eliminated.
    • Automatic escalation ensures the important work is completed first in tight situations.
  • Your production control staff are freed for more useful tasks.
    • Integrated monitoring screens and enhanced alerts keep production control staff informed as the schedule progresses.
    • Micro-managing the workload on a job-by-job basis is no longer necessary.
    • The CA WA CA 7 database maintenance effort is significantly reduced.

With ThruPut Manager, CA WA CA 7 functions as usual. ThruPut Manager does not modify CA WA CA 7 processing in any manner; rather, its “domain” is that of z/OS batch execution. However, as each job is scheduled by CA WA CA 7, ThruPut Manager automatically detects the resources it needs, including datasets and tapes. This can alleviate the tedious work of maintaining negative dependencies and keeping VRM information up-to-date in the CA WA CA 7 database.

ThruPut Manager understands the total workload of the system, including ad hoc jobs that are outside the control of CA WA CA 7 and the resources they are using. ThruPut Manager expects the datacenter to have overriding goals and constraints that need to be taken into account. Because ThruPut Manager sees the complete picture, it is able to manage production jobs to best meet your scheduling deadlines as well as your SLAs.

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