Critical Path Managment

This is the heart of ThruPut Manager’s Production Control Services (PCS). It monitors the jobs in the critical path, and uses various techniques and algorithms to favor these jobs. It also monitors the other application jobs and the slack time in the schedule to determine if the critical path has actually shifted to another path. ThruPut Manager then raises the priority of the jobs in the new critical path and begins to favor them. The overall objective is to complete all applications before their due-out time.

How the Critical Path changes during a Production Cycle

critical-pathAt the beginning of the production cycle the critical path for this application is shown in the graphic to the right by the yellow line; when job Y is delayed, the critical path shifts to the orange line and priority shifts to Y1 and Y3; When Z is sufficiently delayed, the critical path shifts again to the red path and Z1 is favored over both X3 and Y3, resulting in T completing in the earliest time then possible.

As appropriate, ThruPut Manager marshals the facilities of all its components to deliver the production services described in this overview. ThruPut Manager provides the automation engine, keeping track of all the workloads (production and non-production), and acting on their relative importance and priorities, and utilizes PCS to manage the production priorities based on CA WA CA 7 scheduling requirements, application importance and due-out times.

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