Service Level Manager Overview

ThruPut Manager is the only batch software solution in its class. The automation engine at its core is Service Level Manager (SLM), which optimizes and automates the total z/OS JES2 batch workload, managing every job from submission to end of execution. It complements whatever job scheduler you deploy by ensuring the jobs it submits are managed as efficiently as possible throughout the batch process.

Service Level Manager addresses every point of manual intervention previously required. It overcomes the legacy of a 40-year-old design, incorporating best practices and modernizing today’s dynamic and complex mainframe batch environment.

ThruPut Manager with SLM is a strategic product for z/OS JES2 datacenters. With it you can modernize the batch service you offer and reduce your costs to provide that service. It’s an industrial strength solution for today’s datacenter.

It is complementary to and designed to work with your job scheduler; however, ThruPut Manager is not a job scheduler. Job schedulers manage the dependencies between jobs and the order and time they should be submitted in. However, once the jobs are submitted to z/OS, the job scheduler has little further effect. This is when ThruPut Manager goes to work. Its influence extends from submission of a job to the end of executing that job. It makes sure the jobs are processed efficiently, automatically reacting to processing shortages and other problems as they arise. Further, ThruPut Manager has influence over the entire batch workload. Accordingly, it is able to minimize any interference of non-production or lower priority production with your critical production applications.

Nor is ThruPut Manager an application code, job-stream or scheduling optimizer. Good tools are available for such purposes. Rather, ThruPut Manager addresses the system management of batch, using its knowledge of the workload and the resources available to automatically process all batch workload through z/OS and JES2 in the best manner possible.

ThruPut Manager does all this without changes to user JCL or your native JES2 and WLM. In fact, ThruPut Manager has a stellar history of keeping up with all new versions of z/OS, JES2 and Workload Manager.

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