Reduce MLC costs with or without capping

Reduce-Peak-R4HAReduce demand and your software bill with or without caps in place

Capping is a sure way to save money by reducing MLC costs under IBM’s Sub-capacity Pricing model, but many installations can’t afford the performance hit. Chris Prenatt, Senior Systems Engineer with Verizon, sums it up well when he says, “I’ve got the same question that everyone else in the industry has – how to reduce your run costs, but also have no negative impact on your users.”

With or without capping, what if you could have the best of both worlds!?

Without a soft cap in place, of course, there is no performance penalty when the Rolling 4-Hour Average (R4HA) exceeds the limit, but MSUs will continue to climb as demand peaks. So what can be done to keep demand in check?

ThruPut Manager monitors the R4HA of CPU usage and can be configured to control the amount of CPU that low priority batch jobs can use—often holding back or deferring the workloads of lowest importance,

With caps in place, ThruPut Manager ensures that you don’t experience the performance impact of “hitting the wall”. Without caps, ThruPut Manager continues to monitor the R4HA and lowers your MSUs according to the levels that you set as appropriate for your datacenter.

If you’re interesting in using ThruPut Manager to reduce your peak R4HA and lower your monthly software bill, please contact us.

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