Reduce Peak 4HRA and Software MLC Costs

ThruPut Manager manages workload demand to reduce capacity utilization, based on the 4HRA, when sub-capacity pricing is used with or without capping. More »

Automate z/OS Batch

ThruPut Manager balances workload arrival, importance, and resource availability. More »

Make the most of scarce resources

Because money doesn’t grow on trees, let us lower your MSU consumption and MLC costs. More »

Make Way for Mobile

As mobile applications take up more CPU at unpredictable times, let ThruPut Manager take low importance batch out of the equation and make room for your high priority workload. More »

Country Multiplex Pricing is here

Use ThruPut Manager automation to lower your MSU baseline today and find software license savings, with or without capping, when you move to CMP. More »

Automate production control

Manage z/OS execution according to your CA 7 schedule and due-out times, ensuring automated on-time completion with minimal intervention that frees you for other valuable tasks. More »

Our Customers

ThruPut Manager installations range from individual corporate datacenters to global outsourcing providers in the major industry sectors, including banking, insurance, and government. More »


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Invest in yourself

invest in yourself

We’re all so busy. Our to-do lists are a mile long. Even with overtime, we can barely make a dent in our workload. Email and IMs invade our non-working hours and interfere with sleep. With all these demands, plus those we have from family and friends, is it possible we’re missing something critically important to our careers? Failure to invest in yourself could limit your ability to advance and earn raises. But what does ‘invest’ mean?

The power of WIIFM – Learning how to wield influence


The best way to work is through influence. But how do you accomplish it? It begins with realizing that we all act in our own best interest. It’s human nature. In every situation, we’re evaluating the gains and losses, weighing how we can get what we need. Even when we strive to help others, we do it because it feels good and makes us feel good about ourselves.

Raises & promotions – How to make the ‘ask’?

Asking for raises or promotions

A guest post by Denise P. Kalm – This blog regularly discusses both the technical and career benefits of ThruPut Manager. It makes a strong case for the value that the software provides for your company as well as for your own day to role and your long-term career goals. But how does this translate into dollar value back to you personally?

Budgets are tight and with little money available for salaries, managers aren’t looking to give you more, even if you really deserve it. You have to ask. But to give yourself the best chance, you need the right timing and the right preparation. Invest the time to ensure a better result.

Make a New Year’s resolution that will stick

A guest post by Denise P. Kalm – Each year, with the best of intentions, we set out to make at least one resolution that will help make us healthier, happier or more successful. Only too often, by February, we’ve stopped trying and gone back to our old ways. Isn’t working smarter, not harder, the kind of thing your manager is always telling you to do as he hands you more work than one person could possibly manage?

Aren’t we all working too hard now? But while the phrase has been overused and misused, implying that we are just dogging it instead of thinking of better ways to work, in fact, in IT, there are better options. What if you could have a virtual assistant, one that doesn’t require salary or benefits? That might work well. Working smarter should mean working on smart, valuable tasks.

Give yourself the gift of automation

While rushing around this holiday season – decorating, sending cards and buying gifts – it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. While diet, exercise and a good night’s sleep are great for your body, what are you doing for your career? Wouldn’t it be great if you could give yourself a gift that would not only help you survive and thrive in your job, but also make it more fun and that much easier?

The gift that keeps on giving, long after you’ve torn off the wrapping, is smart automation. The right kind of automation will provide some significant benefits, not just to your company, but to you personally. While your company is seeking to lower costs, improve the bottom line, and improve customer satisfaction, what you want is something different.

The human side of automation: What makes it work for you? (webinar)


As modern mainframers, our careers rest on a foundation of automation—business applications are improved versions of manual labor, after all—and we all love it when automation takes on chores that we’d rather not do.

When considering additional automation, the natural questions are “How will this really make my job easier?” and “What will it mean for my career?”

By listening to this webinar, you will:

  • Learn to assess automation tools in terms of how well they eliminate tedious or uninteresting, but complex work, allowing you time to take on interesting, career-advancing challenges.
  • Leave with a better approach to software acquisition and an introduction to ThruPut Manager, a solution that will both eliminate the mundane and accelerate your career.