Reduce Peak 4HRA and Software MLC Costs

ThruPut Manager manages workload demand to reduce capacity utilization, based on the 4HRA, when sub-capacity pricing is used with or without capping. More »

Automate z/OS Batch

ThruPut Manager balances workload arrival, importance, and resource availability. More »

Make the most of scarce resources

Because money doesn’t grow on trees, let us lower your MSU consumption and MLC costs. More »

Make Way for Mobile

As mobile applications take up more CPU at unpredictable times, let ThruPut Manager take low importance batch out of the equation and make room for your high priority workload. More »

Country Multiplex Pricing is here

Use ThruPut Manager automation to lower your MSU baseline today and find software license savings, with or without capping, when you move to CMP. More »

Automate production control

Manage z/OS execution according to your CA 7 schedule and due-out times, ensuring automated on-time completion with minimal intervention that frees you for other valuable tasks. More »

Our Customers

ThruPut Manager installations range from individual corporate datacenters to global outsourcing providers in the major industry sectors, including banking, insurance, and government. More »


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Who is your office valentine?


Technicians often steer careful paths at exhibit halls to avoid speaking with the eager vendor representatives at each booth. I get it. No one wants to deal with a hard sell. But most vendors aren’t trying to get you to buy something you’ll never use. That doesn’t pay off in the long run. The men and women designing and developing the code want to believe that what they do makes a difference. We’re in it together, trying to keep businesses running effectively and quickly, both as technicians and end users.

Give yourself the Christmas gift you really want

Christmas gift of automation

A guest post by Denise P. Kalm – Not that we get a lot of ‘gifts’ at work, except the ‘opportunities’ to do a new, hard project with an impossible deadline. But a real gift would be software that would make 2017 a lot easier. Have you considered that sometimes, there is a little money left in the budget year? Use it or lose it! But what would you buy? How about some automation to free up your time in the coming year?

Purchasing software? It’s all about timing

purchasing software carpe diem

Money is tight at most companies these days. Every dollar is examined and squeezed to make sure none are wasted. But there are two exceptions to the rule. Emergencies loosen purse strings. When a quick response to a security breach is required, for example, money flows. The second exception occurs when you’re first hired or transferred into a performance role. Opportunities for purchasing software don’t come along very often, so it is wise to exploit these times.

Working it like Tom Sawyer

working it like Tom Sawyer

As a child, I was always impressed by how Tom Sawyer got other people to do his work for him. Instead of offering a trade, Sawyer flipped the challenge on its head. He made people feel like white-washing a fence was so pleasurable they should pay him for the privilege. I can only imagine what a speaker and salesman he would have grown up to be. What a gift! I think we all feel overworked much of the time. Between layoffs and retirements, most of us have more than one job we’re trying to manage with too many tasks not to our liking. Even in the rarified waters of complex IT projects, there are still tasks that can feel as unrewarding and uninteresting as white-washing a fence. Either it is a task that challenged you many years ago and no longer does, or it is simply uninteresting to you personally.

Approaching the software purchase decision

Software purchase decision making

As experienced technicians, we know how to do our job well and can quickly pick up new technologies and processes. But when it comes time for a significant software purchase, something we do much less frequently, it can be a challenge to be sure that we are doing everything we can to get the right solution. As someone who has been on both sides of the software acquisition game, this blogger has learned a few things that might help you feel more confident about your decision. You’ll be able to level the playing field with these suggestions.

The high cost of making no decision

software vendors

Does this sound familiar? Software vendors drop by to talk about their products, adding another long meeting to your packed schedule. When you get to a conference, vendors try to entice you into the exhibit hall for another meeting. You’re constantly faced with new software options. Who has the time to look at them?

The simple answer is that you have to find the time. What many of us don’t realize is that when you ignore the new offerings and capabilities, you have made a decision. No decision, or the failure to consider new options, is actually a decision to stick with the solutions you already have. You’re making a decision NOT to make a decision.